Oil Change

Oil changes help to keep car engines clean and running smoothly. As an engine operates, microscopic wear and debris particles flake off from various internal engine parts and enter a car’s oil. Regularly changing a car’s oil eliminates these particles and ensures that an engine is bathed and lubricated with clean, quality motor oil. Schedule an oil change today and make sure your vehicle performs at its best.


Tires are an important upkeep on your vehicle. Without getting the routine check ups you can risk all sorts or damage. Lower gas mileage - For each pound of under inflation, your gas mileage can drop up to one percent. Tire failure - Under inflation is the leading cause of tire failure. Faster tread wear - Lower tire pressure also causes the tread to wear out faster, forcing premature tire replacement. Prevent these issues by having your tires checked out today!

Air Conditioning

We all know summer is here, and we want to make sure you stay cool is the upcoming warm weather. Weather you need to have your heating and A/C checked or replaced, Gonzales Car Care is her to help you with all of your automotive need. With our extensive list of services and experienced professionals, we know that you will leave our business feeling cnfident and safe in your vehicle. Call us today to schedule an appointment for you vehicle. 


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